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Good afternoon everyone,


Folks, WESTFIELD MADE IT! We have officially cleared and/or recovered all remaining cases of COVID19 in our building. THANK YOU for all of your prayers, kind words, gifts, flowers and supportive notes to the residents and staff during this very difficult time. We continue to keep in our hearts and prayers those residents and their families who we lost through this terrible pandemic and wish you peace.


What is the next step for Westfield on the journey of COVID19, you might ask? Well, we notified Nebraska Medicine and the Central District Health Department of our status and plans to proceed towards Phase II and Phase III, in our facility. By the end of the day today, we will have relocated ALL remaining residents from the 400 hallway to other rooms throughout the building. This step will allow us to deep clean and then disinfect with the VANCARE product again next week, preparing that hallway for residents to return, for those who are best cared for in a more calm environment, as was the case prior to COVID19. Everyone has remained so patient and understanding through all of this, including temporary room moves, etc.


Once 400 hallway has been prepared, and residents moved back to their rooms on that hallway, we will proceed with opening 100 hallway to new admissions. This could be a couple of weeks from now but we are moving ever so close to that step of welcoming to members to our family. I hope to be able to report to you by next week’s update what that timing will be.


Part of our requirement to re-open our building, initially, is a baseline COVID19 test of all of our employees who have not already tested positive for COVID19. We have requested for that testing to take place next week and await the response from DHHS and CDHD on that. Should we have any employees test positive, then we are required to, again, offer all residents who have also not tested positive for COVID19 another test and work through that process.


If ALL come out negative, we can begin our re-opening plan, which includes scheduling some visits from family members to see residents, still with some barriers in place, to keep those most vulnerable members safe, both residents AND families. We hope to soon welcome back our beautician. And then just slowly adding small things one at a time to add more quality of life to residents who have endured to much. Our Dietary staff are preparing their plan to re-open the dining room to some communal dining, on a limited and rotating basis, with those necessary barriers still in place.


Great progress is being made and we, again, appreciate everyone in the roles they served this spring and summer. What is our greatest need now? We need some amazing applicants for staff who are interested in working for these wonderful residents and this amazing company. If you know someone who you think would serve residents well and would be a solid addition to our family, please encourage them to apply or else reach out to myself or any of the staff for more information.




Chris Young

“Your new Administrator”

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