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Good morning Westfield family! Wishing you all a good week and coming weekend!


We had another busy week on campus here and lots of great things came from it. First, I am pleased to report that for the second week in a row, all of our staff tested negative for COVID19. After the 14 days, we are out of “outbreak” testing and as a result are NOT required to test residents, which is such a great feeling to not have to bother them with the tests. They are so cooperative and understanding but if we could avoid that, it is wonderful. Thank you, again, for all of your efforts to keep COVID19 away from Westfield and the residents. Overall, Hamilton county, and other surrounding counties, seem to have their COVID19 positivity ratings dropping, which is also great news!


Then, on Wednesday, we had a visit from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Survey and Surveillance Team. They came to inspect or “survey” Westfield due to reports that had been filed with the Department by unknown parties. While there was quite the list of things they were looking for, I am SO pleased to report that ALL allegations were unsubstantiated, which means there were NO deficiencies found . Furthermore, the surveyors were quite complimentary of Westfield and the so many great things going on here. They were very pleased with the work of the kitchen, with meal quality, processes, etc. They were so thankful that residents were able to come out for some communal dining, and even commented at how this is the first facility that they had been to in months who were allowing that to occur. They commented about accommodating and cooperative the staff were. And MOST importantly, they commented on how happy and engaged the residents were during their visit. I am so proud of the work being done and of the staff who are making a difference. GREAT JOB!


This coming Monday, January 18, Community Pharmacy will return to Westfield to assist us in holding our second COVID19 vaccine clinic. Nearly all of the residents will receive their second dose and several of the staff will, as well. We also have several staff who will receive their first dose and then that group receives their second dose on Monday February 8, 2021. We are told that 14 days following the second dose, recipients are considered fully vaccinated. Now then, as a reminder, even with many of the residents and staff being fully vaccinated, there are no new guidelines that allow for a reduction of our restrictions, at least not now. As we learn more, we will communicate that with you all. We are so hopeful that within a couple of months we will see changes but that is all we can do is hope at this time. SUPER HEROES are those who are accepting the vaccine and doing their part to protect residents and each other. For Monday, that is what our celebration will be…celebrating these SUPER HEROES!!


As if that was not enough, we also had a great performance from the MerryMakers organization this week. John did a great job and I think that the residents loved it. While we call it a “live” performance, and I may have shared this already, what we do is record the performance and then play it back, as soon as possible, on our in-house channel. It is close to live and, still, great performances. We then enjoyed another worship service with Pastor Penny on Thursday and we look forward to more of those.


What a great week at Westfield here in January! We are just getting started with 2021!


Looking forward to so much more!


Have a great weekend!


All of our best,


Chris Young


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