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Good morning everyone,


Hoping you all have enjoyed another great week. Well, the big news across Nebraska this week, of course, is that the Husker Football team will be back in action in October and Husker Volleyball in January. Not only were we all pleased that the sports were reinstated amidst the ongoing concerns of COVID19, were we also appreciative of the movement as every step that our communities take to getting back to normal the sooner residents in long-term care facilities will be allowed to return to their normal routines and that is so important to all of us.


As I mentioned last week, we started our routine COVID19 testing of all of our employees this week. The rapid antigen test is much less invasive compared to the “pcr” test, which staff appreciated. We had a great response to the test scheduling and were VERY pleased and blessed to have all NEGATIVE tests for week one. THEN, just yesterday, we learned that the positivity rate for Hamilton County has fallen below 5%. Once that percentage remains under 5% for two consecutive weeks, we would then be required to perform routine tests once every month.


On Wednesday of this week, inspectors or “surveyors” from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – Licensure Division entered the facility to conduct our annual inspection or “survey”. These surveyors represent both Nebraska DHHS and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). The intent of the survey is to verify that we are meeting all of the State and Federal requirements of a nursing facility. Last year, we did not have the best survey results but we believe that many improvements have been made and now we will see if we were correct, at least based on what the surveyors think. They were here Wednesday and Thursday and will return next week for Monday and Tuesday, planning to then exit on Tuesday. We will have a pretty good idea of the results from our survey at that time and I can report those to you next Friday. The staff are doing a great job.


Yesterday, we were contacted by a reporter from the Omaha World Herald who shared with me that he is planning to run another article about COVID19 and the impact on long-term care facilities and wanted to let me know that Westfield would be named from our experience in the spring. I shared my thoughts based on what I have gathered from many of you, residents and staff and hoping that they do a good job telling the true story. He tells me that the article will be in the Sunday World Herald. We shall see. IF there are questions stemming from the article, please do let me know. Of course, I have no way of knowing what will actually make the paper from what I said. Could be interesting.


After all that, we still have even MORE exciting news this week. Jennifer Korn, RN, who has been working with us at Westfield for the past few months, has now accepted the position as Director of Nursing Services. Since she has already been serving as part of our team, the transition will be gradual. Scott Sommers, RN, our current Director of Nursing Services, has agreed to stay with us for two additional weeks, working with Jenny in this new role. Jenny comes to us having just recently served as the Assistant Director of Nursing at Midwest Covenant Home in Stromsburg. She has previously served as a nurse with Fillmore County Hospital – Behavior Health, Geneva, NE and served as the Lead Nurse with Mosaic, York, NE. She has served in long-term care since 1998, where she began as a CNA. She progressed through nursing, serving then as an LPN, then further training to get her Registered Nurse, and ultimately her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Thank you Jenny for her interest and willingness to serve in this role. Please help me to welcome Jenny.


Wishing you all a great weekend and coming week!


Best regards,


Chris Young

“Your New Administrator”

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