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4/8/20 Update:


1 Resident - negative

6 Staff - negative


2 Residents - Both residents are in isolation


Coronavirus update 4/7/20

We have 3 staff members that we have documentation of positive test results.  All 3 staff members have not been at work since 3/30/20.  We are encouraging any staff member with symptoms to stay home and be tested.  We have had 6 staff members who self-quarantined and have received negative test results.  Those staff members will be returning to work at the end of the week.  We do have more test results pending at this time.

We have had 2 residents with positive test results.  Both of these residents were immediately transferred to St. Elizabeth in Lincoln, for their safety as well as our current residents’ safety.  We have tested 1 other resident who came back with a negative test result. 

In the event any resident shows any symptoms they will be put in isolation and tests will be performed if requested or ordered by the Physician.


3/14/20:  We are now restricting ALL visitors to our facility unless your loved one is on Hospice.  Our doors are locked. Please feel free to call and talk to your loved one.  If you have questions please call us at 308-230-0014


4/3/2020: We would like to take the time to clarify the recent news stating Westfield Quality Care has a worker with a positive test result for COVID-19.  We did report to Health and Human Services and the Central District Health Department a new employee that was orientating with Westfield has tested positive.  This employee completed a full health screening at the time of their orientation and did not have any symptoms related to COVID-19.  The employee has since been fulfilling their notice period at their previous place of employment and was recently tested there.  The test was not done in Hamilton County.  We received the information from the employee today, 4/3/20, that they are now in the 14 day quarantine.
We have had other staff members that worked with the employee, recently test negative for the COVID-19.  At this time no other staff members or residents have positive test results.  We continue to work closely with the CDHD to assure all preventative actions are taken and will continue to be taken to keep our residents and staff safe. 
We have been in contact with families, residents, and staff to keep them notified.  We will continue to keep everyone updated as more information becomes available.

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