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Good THURSDAY afternoon everyone,


With the news we received, I wanted to get this update out as soon as possible so we moved it up one day from Friday to Thursday.


While we continue to be very blessed with many things at Westfield, we did experience a set-back this week, related to COVID19.


As you know, we conducted our Employee Baseline COVID19 testing last Wednesday and Thursday. We tested 106 people, including 19 residents and all others were staff, contracted team members, our primary providers and consultants. We have now received results and found 3 employees who tested positive for COVID19. While that is quite a blow for our progress for moving forward, we were very happy for those who did test positive that they did not have any symptoms and are feeling well. Those three employees are now self-quarantining at home and will do so through the end of this week, when they are then allowed to return to work, so long as no symptoms present in that same timeframe. As you know, this can be a very difficult time for those testing positive as they wait so please help us pray for them during this week and beyond.


We are very pleased to report that of the 19 residents who were tested, ALL were negative.


How do we proceed from here? Well, now with positive employees, and the potential of exposure to residents from those staff, we are returning to a Yellow Zone throughout out building, which means that all four our halls remain in quarantine. That does not really change anything for the residents, other than we are not able to begin our reopening process yet. For employees, they will, again, be in full COVID19 precautions PPE when providing care for any resident. We will continue to be very cautious on appointments out of the facility and will ensure that any of those are clinically necessary and/or of a critical nature.


We will remain in this quarantine state through August 11, 2020. At that time, we will return to our plans of slowly re-opening, including our options for scheduled visits by family members, a rotation schedule for communal dining, welcoming a beautician back to the facility, etc.


Staff and residents are, alike, frustrated and disappointed but remain optimistic about our future and are fighting through to the end of this.


Thank you again for you support and patience as we all continue to battle through this.


All of our best…


Chris Young

“Your New Administrator”

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